Friday, October 9, 2015

Bangalore to Mysore Conqured!!!

"You will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them"

For long the yearning of a long (a day long to start with) ride had been there with me. Bangalore and Mysore, two historic cities separated by 140 km. No better day to do a cycle ride than Gandhi Jayanthi.. 2nd October.. The Route : Kanakpura -> Malavalli -> Mysore.  Riders: Dell Colleagues I, Sumanth and Ravi.  Sekhar and Rama offered to follow us on car, just in case we needed a recovery vehicle.

Work on the Cycle in the meanwhile.
Purchased a carrier for the cycle - 25 Kg support. Unfortunately, I realized that it cannot fit in my Cannondale because of Disk brakes, so mounted them on Schwinn. Next up checking the tyres and the brakes. The emergency accessories like spare tubes, Spokes, etc. Now the medicines, the nutrition bars, the chikkis and water.. everything settled.

It gives me butterflies in the stomach when I think of rides and little did I sleep on the previous day. Added to that the recovery from Flu was not quite fast as expected. We started at around 5:45 from Bangalore. On Dot, Sumanth and Ravi were there..It was drizzling and little did I realize what I was upto.. By the first 10 km, the slush and water had got into my shoes..It was soaking wet.. But the ride was awesome.. light drizzle, wind in the ears and ease of movement..

Perhaps it was the excitement of the first long ride or the music in my ears..I did not notice the time and the kilometers for the first 40 km, till we reached Kanakpura.. Breakfast at local hotel.. Idly and Vada..

Little did I notice the extent of damage the rains had on my cycle and my attire. From Kanakpura the uphill climbs started and from an average speed of close to 23kmph, we came down to 18kmph. Another couple of water breaks and  The third break near a coconut grove to have yummy Coconut juice.. Next big town - Malavalli, Time: 12:30 pm.. Another 48 km to go .. 12:00 Noon and the sun was beating down hard. We slowly cruised through the bike lanes on the highway, but were getting exhausted pretty son.. 

Shekar and Rama on car, caught up with us few kilometers after Malavalli. I took time to change my socks and little did I realize of the damage from early morning rains.. The water had crept in and my feet was completely soaked up to White..

We took a break for lunch at Kiregavalu Santhemala .. ensured that we ate very less, yet sufficiently hydrated.. We took a break under the coconut trees . School children looked at us like aliens from outside world who strangely enough spoke their language..

After 1/2 hour break we started around 2:30pm towards Mysore. Bannur seemed close yet far away.. The bums had become numb.. and breaks every 10 km..

The last 15km was challenging with lots of up and down.. The road and the traffic also became intolerable. 5 pm and here we were touching the outer ring road of Mysore.. We rode directly towards Cosmopolitan club which is close to the railway station.

I had a real nice hot water bath and had a crocin for the headache and was all set.. We walked around through the city and had a nice coffee at the Devaraja Urs Road..

From Left to Right : Dileesh, Rama, Sumanth, Ravi, Sekhar
Dinner at Kings Court.. However too Spicy for our liking... Crashed in bed at 10 pm without a clue... :)....

The next day morning, we got up at 6:30am and decided to head out towards Ranganthittu bird sanctuary. Situated (island) on Cauvery river, it is one of the beautiful sights and place for migratory birds. The guide informed us that the best time to visit is Dec-March where the migratory birds arrive.

By 10 am we came back to Mysore and had a really sumptuous breakfast at Mylari..

The smell of Dosa and the taste of Chutney still rings in my mind..

We decided to pack the cycles back to Mysore on train. Unfortunately Shathabdhi express (the train on which we booked) did not have Rake van. The cycles had to booked on a succeeding train. Riding on Shathabdhi was a really good experience. The only thing missing was an air hostess.. It was clean, it had enough leg space between chairs.. 6pm at my home.. Home sweet home..

As I look back at the ride, I realize it symbolizes journey of life.. We are enthusiastic when we are young - just like our ride through till Kanakpura (first 30%) where we ripped through and tough towards the end - like the Bannur Mysore stretch (last 15%).. But then again what helps you sail through the difficult times is Courage and Good company.. The ride was fruitful because Sumanth and Ravi (and I) never gave up. It was successful because when one of us was down the other just egged on. It was successful because like life... We had a Purpose.. To Persist, to win and push yourself to the limit.... Now I believe it (and anything) can be done..

Ready reckoners for long ride - Courtesy - Sumanth...

1.      Map Route  - Hard Copy/ Google Map
2.      First AID kit
3.      Medicines – Pain Killer, Fever, Stomach Upsets
4.      Food – Candy bars, Chocolates, Chikkis, Butter Milk, Have Coconuts on the way
5.      USB Chargers – PowerBanks, Chargers,
6.      Drinks – Gatorade, Glucose Packets we can carry if any, Min 2 Bottles
7.      Cycle –
a.      Puncture Kits, Repair kit tools, Spokes, Spoke bars
b.      Tube 26” – 2 Spares
c.      1 Extra Cycle Shorts & Shirt
d.      1 Pair of Socks

Finally, LOADs of Positive Energy ;-)