Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sunday morning ride to Chikka Tirupathi

Saturday was a really tough day for the ride. Though I had kept an alarm at 5, I could not muster the energy to step out. Had a late meeting on Friday which made it impossible to get up at 5amIncidentally so was the case with the rest of the members of Lucky Cycling club :). Friday Hangover with a few and just tired long week for the rest of them

And so it was decided to ride on Sunday (7th of Apr 2013). Me, Deepak, Koti and Ankur. For the past few weeks our average had dropped to below 50km. It was time to change it. Chikka Tirupathi was set as the destination 

The Route :
ITPL -> HopeFarm -> Left from Thirumalasettyhalli -> Soukhya Road->Right at a Bakery Junction -> straight from Dodda Dunnasandra onto NH 207

I started around 6:15am and joined the group at Paramout Hotel (Near GR Tech Park) around 6:40am). First Break at the Bakery had a cup of tea and few Glucose biscuits. There is a dog (a black colored small one) which likes Deepak. Everytime we have been around at this place it come around and astonishingly he is always behind Deepak. We fed him few biscuits and was on our route pretty quickly..  

The next stop somewhere near Anugondanahalli for a water break around 7:45am. This is early March and the Sun was beating down pretty hard even so early in the morning.. I cannot imagine how May is gona look like. Looks like bad times. Even the lakes onroute as well as Borewells that feed the farms have dried up (per our conversation with villagers in the area). 

We passed by Emperian. For those who dont know, Emperean is actually located not in Bangalore district but in Malur Taluq of Kolar district. And here it is they advertise.. off Whitefield. :). 8:10 we reached Chikka Tirupathi temple. 

The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is believed to have been installed by Agni. For details of the temple please refer the link.

Ride back was pretty tough with the Sun beating down fast on us. We took a break on the way for a Coconut water refill. The toughest part of the journey is the ascend from Channasandra to Hope Farm!!! That too as part of our way back where all our energy is sapped... 

But finally it is the satisfaction of doing a 60+ ride again.. in the heat of the Summer.. 
Way to go folks!!! Deepak, Ankur, Koti..
Jaideep, Satnam are you up for it next week?  


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